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I was thrilled to be invited to the launch of the PanAfrican Institute at Lukenya University on the 9th of November, and honoured to be presented as a PanAfrican writer showcasing my book, Pillars of Statecraft: Nation Building in a Changing World. Big thank you to Prof. PLO Lumumba for the privilege to be counted among a constellation of luminaries!!.

From agriculture to travel, business, leadership and the youth plus the quest to bring back Festac Africa, a celebration of African culture, arts, music, fashion etc. there was representation across the board.

PanAfricanism is an ideology that promotes African unity, oneness, collaboration and liberation…liberation from extractive relationships (faux partnerships), liberation from a drift towards neocolonialism, liberation from a colonial mentality.

The fusion of passion with pragmatism and a hunger for change was palpable, intellectually stimulating and electrifying. Changing the world should not be this much fun!😃